10 Random Things We Should Stop Doing

Aymes Sarah
2 min readJan 1, 2020

Today I’m cleaning out my closet: From toxic behavior to things that are esthetically non-pleasing, it’s all here!

Image by Noah Buscher on Unsplash
  1. Canceling plans: We all secretly love having a free day to do nothing when someone breaks plans. However, constantly canceling on people is rude and it makes you look like a flake.
  2. Generalizing men: When I see people generalize men it makes me sad. It also makes me realize that a lot of people have not had the great experiences with men that I have. I feel bad for these people. There are so many great men in this world, please don’t paint them all with a shit-brush because of your bad experiences. We all hate being generalized, so let’s ease up on the guys. They’re not all bad people.
  3. Wearing scrunchies: They’re awesome for putting your hair up at home. However, these things should've been left in the ’90s where they belong. Even Ariana Grande couldn't make these look good.
  4. High waisted bikini bottoms: These belong in a White Snake video. Very eighties’ and not in a good way.
  5. Contouring: This was not meant for real life, it looks awesome in photos and that’s it.
  6. The word “snowflake”: The far-right has coined this term to reference people they consider to be over-sensitive. In most cases, “snowflakes” are trying to make the world a better place by calling out bigotry, racism, and sexism. Stop it, it doesn't even make sense. Really, its a compliment, snowflakes are beautiful.
  7. Mommy wine culture: If you’re drinking a bottle of wine a night, that’s a problem, mother or not. Using motherhood as an excuse to drink is not funny or cute. This is actually psychologically damaging to a child.
  8. Praising little girls with “sass”: Sassy kids are kids without boundaries. My daughter is only two and starting to give dirty looks a lot and it actually worries me. I want her to be likeable, not mean. Sassy kids turn into disrespectful jerks as adults. We need to nip this behaviour in the bud.
  9. Selfie-shaming: I don’t get this one. I don’t mind selfies at all. It's nice to see people like the way they look and display it proudly.
  10. Auto-tune: I love rap music but the amount of auto-tune being used now is ridiculous. There’s one artist, Miguel, who uses a lot of auto-tune. He actually has an amazing voice but auto-tune covers it up. Why cover up talent?

Thank you for reading my random rant. I just wanted to write something today. Here’s to 2020! Cheers!



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