4 Myths About Hip-Hop From a Rap Nerd

There’s more than meets the eye and this is why we should listen with our ears

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  • Rap Delivery: This is the creation of a rhyme scheme, based on many different principles. At this point it’s not the words that matter, it is about how the sounds of the words and the beat go together. It is a very complex thing to explain, so I imagine it is a very difficult thing to perfect.
  • Lyrical content: Lyrics are very important to real rap fans. We look for meaning and something to relate to when we listen to a new emcee. We are the harshest of critics when it comes to lyrical content.
  • Stage presence: A good rapper is able to deliver their rhymes with confidence and pull the audience in. Snoop Dogg is one of my favorite rappers to watch on stage, he’s electric! Tupac Shakur is another rapper who had excellent stage presence. He was in many plays growing up and did ballet, I believe this helped him learn how to work an audience.
  • Rappers are expected to be good at freestyling: Freestyling is when a rapper makes up a rhyme on the spot. It’s basically pulling poetry out of nowhere. Some of the greatest freestylers are Pusha-T, Eminem, Hopsin, Ludacris, and Eyedea.
  • Many rappers play instruments. Dr.Dre, Andre 3000, and Kanye West play the piano. Scarface plays the guitar. Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy plays fifteen musical instruments!

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