Celebrities Are People Too

But why do we treat them so badly?

Aymes Sarah


Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash

This is something that has bothered me for a while now. I have an Instagram account and follow a lot of celebrities on there. Since I’m a bit of a celebrity gossip fanatic (ask me about any famous person from the 90s, I can give you the dirt), I love to see what they’re up to on any given day.

What I hate to see is the horrible comments people leave on the photos and posts of celebrities. “Wow, she got fat,” “Where’s (insert exes name here)?” “Why is she wearing that?!” “Slut,” and the list goes on and on.

People think they are entitled to say whatever they want to famous people while forgetting the most important thing about celebrities — they are people too.

Why Do People Harass Celebrities Online?

These are just a few reasons why people are so negative when it comes to the beautiful, rich, and famous.


I think people bully celebrities online for many different reasons, but one of the big ones right now is jealousy. People are having a tough time getting by because of COVID, housing crises, and economic loss, so when they see a rich person showing off their designer clothing or amazing home, they get angry.

They neglect the reasoning that these people probably never get a chance to enjoy that house because they are constantly working on location to be able to afford it. Celebrities give up a lot to entertain us, but jealousy turns to rage and all reason goes out the window.


Many people believe that celebrities belong to us. They think since we buy their records, watch their shows, and read their books, that they owe us something. They don't.

Their job is over when we finish watching that show or movie or reading that book. Like us, they work a job and they deserve time off but people think they should be “on” at all times, only existing to entertain us.


According to many internet trolls, rich people don’t have problems. After years of researching celebrities, I beg to differ.



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