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  • Maria Rattray

    Maria Rattray

    Changing the world one word at a time. Find me at: http://amazon.com/author/mariarattray or: https://ponmyword.com

  • Rob N.

    Rob N.

    Meanderings on Medium

  • Meredith Ethington

    Meredith Ethington

    Meredith Ethington, Author - Mom Life: Perfection Pending, Blogger at Perfectionpending.net and Editor in Chief of Filterfreeparents.com

  • Teresa Decker

    Teresa Decker

    Writer | Tarot Reader | Casual Gamer | Avid Reader | Blogger | Creative Writer

  • Emilina Lomas

    Emilina Lomas

    Nutritionist turned health writer, working freelance from Orange County, California.

  • Lucia Landini

    Lucia Landini

    I write about personal growth and relationships. I love reading and sharing happiness. Executive assistant and ex teacher.

  • Esme Bianco

    Esme Bianco

    Actress (#GameofThrones, #Supergirl #TheMagicians, #StarvsTheForcesofEvil), music geek, writer, #domesticviolence advocate and co-creator of the #phoenixact

  • Venturer


    Exploring ideas, growing as a person, trying to figure things out & writing about it. New to Medium.

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