Hi Natasha! Thank you for the thoughtful response and for correcting my oversight in regards to the dirt, I’ll make the change to the article. I agree with you, I think he had Tourette’s syndrome. He seemed like such a kind soul and he actually inspired me with his happiness and ability to communicate despite the challenges he faced. It didn’t help that the person who was there to get “his story” was condescending but Ray’s personality still shone through! I would’ve enjoyed hearing more about their childhood, how they feed themselves (if they hunt and fish, etc, and if they have hobbies. I think he would've gotten more answers from the women if he had drawn them out a bit more, and asked the right questions, as you said. Thanks again!

Wife, mother, and researcher of a myriad of subjects. I love to write about anything and everything! Writer for The Startup, Better Marketing, & The Ascent👊

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