Hi Starkitten ! This comment was so eloquently written and insightful I looked on your profile to read your articles ! I completely agree with what you said, I think it’s beyond comprehension that people are stereotyped when they are white, poor, and live in the mountains. The Whitakers May have been poor and disabled but they were the kindest people. You could tell from the video. I worry their peace will be disturbed because mark disclosed where they are from exactly. What he did with that clickbait title was a violation of ethics and I imagine it will become an issue soon. This article has 10,000 views in three days so people are finding out about it. I think you should think about joining me and writing a companion piece about the stereotypes that people in your region face. If you don’t want to write it, I will, if you want to give me some quotes. If you want help with formatting, let me know. I think it’s an important topic to address ! Thank you for your insight , I’m glad this article resonate with you!

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