How Building a Body of Work on Medium Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Aymes Sarah
9 min readSep 17, 2020

Get the job you want while making an income on Medium!

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Recently, I’ve been applying for writing jobs like a madwoman. I was reaching for the stars by applying for positions that I would’ve considered to be “out of my league” this time last year.

I will say, there are many writing jobs out there and the money is decent. The old adage of the “hungry writer” is no longer!

I am pleased to tell you that today I was offered a job with a huge technology publication as a “Social Media Technology Journalist”.

I got a writing job, guys!

So how did I build the confidence to get to this point? Medium. This platform gave me the opportunity to build my body of work quickly and find my writer’s voice in a short amount of time. I had to put in the “woman hours” but it was totally worth it!

I have written over 110 articles in many different niches on Medium. I even forced myself to write an article in the tech niche, and I am so glad I wrote that piece!

Writing in different niches gave me the confidence to branch out into different types of writing. It also ensures that I have a sample on a relevant topic to send potential clients and to use during any application process.

Some people would argue not to mention Medium in your cover letter, but this platform is becoming more recognizable in popular media in 2020.

It doesn't matter what the client thinks of Medium and other blogging platforms. If you’re a good writer, your body of work will speak for itself, no matter where it is showcased.

The best part? As you apply for jobs, your medium profile generate passive income, even if you’re not writing as much!

How Can Medium Help You While Applying for Writing Jobs?

You build an online portfolio

If a potential client wants to see your body of work, you can send them the link to your Medium profile.

It is convenient for both you and the client because your work is all in one place. As well, if the client is interested in someone with a large…



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