How to Be an Emotional Support Canadian for Your American Friends

We stand on guard for thee

Aymes Sarah
4 min readJan 7, 2021


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I was inspired to write about this because of what is happening in America right now. Whenever anything goes down in the states, there are memes that appear on social media about finding your “Emotional Support Canadian”.

I am Canadian and let me tell you, I am proud that Canada is looked at as a support country for America. It may not feel like it right now, but you have a great country and we are happy to be your allies.

Many of my good friends that I met through writing groups on Facebook are in America, and I know they are hurting right now. And while I can’t take their pain away, I can be there for them as an “Emotional Support Canadian”.

What Is an Emotional Support Canadian?

An Emotional Support Canadian is a Canadian who offers their emotional support to an American. Simple. We are here to listen, and we are an unofficial and self-appointed sidekick to our neighbors.

This term was coined in late 2020 by a Twitter user named “Canadian Fletchy”. He Tweeted that Emotional Support Canadians were available on standby during the U.S election.

And we still are.

We are here to listen, not judge, and allow you to vent during a time that doesn't make sense to you. While we cannot comprehend how scary things are right now, we can lend you a shoulder.

How to Be the Best Emotional Support Canadian

I was an Emotional Support Canadian during the election. This can be a hard job but it is rewarding. You are being a good friend, confidant, and learning about what is happening in America from the people who know what is actually going on (hint: it’s not the media).

So how do we support our neighbors in this stressful time?

Don’t Compare Canada to America

I have found myself doing this in the past, and it is the wrong approach. Many Canadians hate Justin Trudeau with the fire of a thousand suns, for reasons that the rest of the world doesn't see because they are not here.



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