How to Cope While Waiting on Medical Test Results

Rule #1 Don’t do any of the things I’m doing!

Aymes Sarah


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I haven’t written about anything personal in a while. Between work, keeping our daughter on track, and everything else, I am spent. But I am having a tough time and how I center myself is usually by writing it out, so here I am! Writing has got me through some tough times, and I am sure this will be no exception.

Pain, Bloating, and Waiting

So about a year ago I started noticing some things off with my body. Notoriously, my body lets me down on the regular so I just ignored them. Night sweats, extreme fatigue, feeling full after eating a little meal. All things that I could attribute to either my fibromyalgia or my beta blockers. Well a week ago today I started getting symptoms I could no longer ignore…

I have had searing pain, radiating all over my abdomen, constant bathroom trips, and a belly so swollen you would swear I am with child. I went to the ER and they performed an ultrasound, offered me morphine (which I declined), and sent me home.

Due to severe pain, I ended up going back to a different hospital on Saturday where the doctor ordered a CT scan. I was called in almost immediately after Easter and now I am waiting…and waiting on the results.

I am having shooting pains all over my abdomen, in my groin, and I can’t stand up for longer than a few minutes. As someone who likes to be on the move — this is not ideal.

Keep in mind that this could be anything from terrible constipation to appendicitis. So the options for worrying are endless, and they could also have an end (if I was smart).

What NOT to Do When You’re Waiting on Medical Test Results

I don’t have many do’s but since I am doing all of the don’ts and losing my goddamn mind, let’s have a go, shall we?

Don’t Google Health Symptoms
We are all so guilty of this. Even if you think you’re not…admit it, you have done it. And have you ever felt better after? I am wagering on NO. It made you afraid, and you almost always end up picturing your last days. This is not helpful, it will only lead to more anxiety.



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