Nurturing Your Friendships on a Busy Schedule

Aymes Sarah
4 min readJan 3, 2020

Tips for staying connected to your tribe when you’re always on the go!

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I have a very busy group of friends. One of my best friends is an army wife with two children, another is a social worker and a mother of a toddler. My friend Eric is pulling 24-hour shifts as a medical school student.

I am writing daily while looking after my toddler as a stay-at-home mom. Our lives are hectic! Thankfully, we have managed to keep our friendships solid even with our busy lives.

When we are constantly busy with our careers, we sometimes put our needs last. Social time is a need and friendships are important. Our friends have helped us get through some of the toughest times in our lives. They have listened to us vent when we needed to. In some cases, they have talked us off ledges. They have laughed and cried with us.

Many of us have that rare friend that doesn’t require as much maintenance because they have been in our lives for many years. These friends are the ones you could go a year without talking to, and you pick up where you left off with them.

These friendships are rare and wonderful. These friends are “the OG’s” of friendship. However, they need some love too!

Friendships are relationships that require work to thrive, just like a marriage. These…



Aymes Sarah

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