Let Our Little Girls Be Little: A Commentary on Why Girls Are Growing up Too Fast

Aymes Sarah
8 min readNov 5, 2020

How to handle this critical time in your little girl’s life

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This is a subject that is very close to my heart. I grew up in an environment where I was not only allowed to be a little girl, but I was encouraged to stay little for as long as possible.

Girls today look way older than they actually are. They are also getting their periods younger as well. Growing up is on a fast track, just like everything else in our world.

But these are our children, and they should be allowed to be little for as long as possible. They shouldn't be rushed to be anything other than kids.

Why Are Little Girls Growing up So Fast?

Remember that little girl who went viral ranting about needing a coffee? She was sassy as hell and it wasn’t cute. However, millions of people called her a “mood” and proceeded to share her videos thousands of times. It was apparent that her mother was coaching her to act for the camera, poor kid.

Bad attitudes in children should not be praised or rewarded, but some people still give accolades for bratty behavior. They also praise little girls for looking and acting way older than they are.

So why does this happen? Girls like to play dress up but there’s a difference between slapping on cheap play makeup with plastic heels verses spending an hour applying perfect makeup and walking around in crop tops.


I think technology has a major part to play in little girls growing up too fast. The current YouTubers that little girls are watching are…very strange. My toddler loved one named Diana.

Diana is a 4-year-old Russian YouTube sensation. Her, her brother Roma, and her dad make videos showing the kids playing, but they don’t really play like normal children.

They are millionaires for one. In many videos, Diana has a new fancy bed, shaped like a unicorn, a pink car, etc. She is also hyper-focused on her looks. There’s even a video called “Diana wants to be Slim, Exercises and Eats Healthy Food”.

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