My Toddler Watches Television: Why I’m Not Ashamed of It and How to Use Television as a Learning Tool

Aymes Sarah
5 min readMar 18, 2020

The benefits of educational television for children, tips for making the most of television time with your child, and recommendations for educational programming

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My little girl Willow is 2-years-old. She watches a fair amount of television but we also do lots of crafts, reading, and other activities.

I’m probably about to get “mom-shamed” but I have noticed many positive results from Willow’s consumption of media.

We do not own an iPad nor do I plan on getting one for my daughter anytime soon. She watches our family television in the living room so we can discuss what she is watching.

There are many teachable moments available when you’re watching a show with your little one.

Television can be beneficial if used appropriately

My 2-year-old daughter knows her ABCs, can count to twelve and knows all of the main types of dinosaurs (Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus-rex, and Velociraptor). She has learned most of these terms from the educational television we watch together.

The only time I leave her alone to watch television is when I clean the kitchen quickly or take our puppy outside to use the bathroom.

Otherwise, I am with her, singing the songs, and learning about dinosaurs and animals with her.

My husband and I know more about dinosaurs than we thought we ever would. The girl is obsessed with them!

Some people would argue that there is no right way for a toddler to consume media safely.

I am not a medical expert but I have noticed some very positive changes in my daughter since we introduced educational shows to our daily routine.

  • She understands emotional intelligence more and wipes tears away if someone is crying.
  • She is learning to share and show compassion for others from the many songs about social skills available on YouTube.
  • She is singing and dancing more than ever before.
  • She is copying the play she sees on television and is very good at caring for her baby dolls.
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