Our Facebook Medium Community Has Changed: Toxic Posting Practices and What to Do Instead

Aymes Sarah
4 min readMay 22, 2020

We can improve our social media morale!

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This is a “hot-take” that not everyone is going to agree with. I am not a polarizing or controversial writer. In fact, I try to avoid rocking the boat. I admire those who can write in that style but it's not me. This piece is going to be in my own voice instead of my self-help kumbaya voice.

I feel bad because I don’t want to alienate anyone but I think some people are in need of a serious wake-up call.

I have been a member of Facebook Medium-related groups for a while. I’m kind of a lurker, only posting when I feel it to be necessary.

Since the pandemic began, I have noticed a shift in the attitude of some of our writers.

This isn’t about anyone in particular, but some people are not realizing the impact they are having on others by their online actions.

I don’t want our social media community to become toxic.

Let people have their moments of accomplishment!

The first thing I’ve noticed is negativity running rampant under the posts of new writers.

These negative musings can dampen a new writer's mojo quickly, and we don’t want people to leave Medium.

The more, the merrier!

This is a scenario I’ve seen a few times recently: A new writer posts about an achievement, such as getting curated or getting into a publication.

Instead of just being happy for the newbie and congratulating them, people post negative words about the publication, curation, or even Medium itself.

This isn’t about you. This is their moment. Zip your lips or offer congratulations.

If you are concerned about the direction their career is going or want to warn them about a publication: Message them privately.

Shitting all over someone’s moment openly is not cool. If you don’t care about taking the wind out of another writers’ sails, keep in mind that these posts make you look bitter as hell.

Making money is obviously awesome, but please…



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