The Police in My Small Province in Canada Have Killed 2 Indigenous People in 9 Days

Aymes Sarah
11 min readJun 15, 2020

This is why Canada’s Aboriginal people are in mourning

A feather means many things in the Native Canadian culture: The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom ,and a message from a deceased loved one / Photo credit:

I live in a small province in Atlantic Canada called New Brunswick. New Brunswick has a population of 776,827 people and borders on the state of Maine.

In New Brunswick, there are 15 Indigenous reservations that are home to approximately 10,000 Indigenious Canadian people.

In our small province, there have been two deadly incidents involving police and Indigenous people. In both cases, the Native civilians involved ended up dead.

There is a lack of reliable data on police-involved deaths and race in Canada. However, recent data assembled by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation shows that 14% of all police-involved deaths are Indigenous.

The Indigenous people of Canada are hurting right now because there have been 8 of their own killed by police nationwide since quarantine began.

Due to these incidents, relations between law enforcement and the Indigenous people are dissolving quickly and only drastic action will salvage this relationship.

There have been many cases of racial profiling and missing person cases not being properly investigated due to racial biases here in Canada.

Donald Trump may be an asshole but Prime Minister Trudeau seems to be full of empty promises when it comes to Canadian indigenous people and their rights.

The rest of the world sees him taking a knee to help bring attention to the Black lives matter movement: We see a publicity stunt. The man is obsessed with attention from the media and “looking good” to outsiders.

During his campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to protect Aboriginal land and after he was elected, he approved laws and projects that do the opposite.

Donald Trump is an “upfront asshole” and our Prime Minister is a “snake in the grass”.

We are not as pristine as the rest of the world thinks. Don’t get me wrong, we have free healthcare, beautiful countryside, and less of a crime rate than our neighbors.

Regardless of our positives, we still have a lot of work to do. Especially in regards to…



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