Why You Should Stop Publicly Discrediting Publications on Social Media

Aymes Sarah
4 min readJun 6, 2020

Don’t bite the hands that are feeding you!

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If you have been on the Medium Facebook groups lately, you have probably noticed negative posts about publications not publishing a someone’s work quickly enough or (gasp!) not at all.

Honestly, when I look at who is posting these “observations”, it is writers that are new to Medium. Fair enough, they are new and curious, but even more disturbing? The people replying and discrediting these publications are also very new to Medium.

I’m serious, their profile usually says “Medium member since April 2020” new.

How can you comment on a workplace that you’ve only been at for one month? Especially when that workplace is not tangible, it’s an online machine.

One publication seems to be getting the brunt of these public lashings. I’m not going to say who it is but I write for them and yes they have published my work when I sent them an article.

There is an online legion of writers who say this publication is using people for followers by adding them as writers and not publishing their work.

This is possible, but when I look at their publication, there are many quality articles posted daily. As well, I have been published by them myself.

Now I’m going to be a bit harsh here and I swear I’m not an asshole: It is more likely that their editing team is not cohesive. For example: One “headhunter” editor thinks your work is good enough for their publication and asks to publish it. Unfortunately, when you submit that piece, the article isn’t appealing to the editor who reviews it: So they reject it and don’t bother getting back to you.

If they have a continuity issue with their editors, this should be investigated by the creator of the publication. However, this isn’t grounds for a witch hunt and calling this publication a scam.

Here’s another reality check:

  • Many publications do not get back to writers and it doesn’t mean it’s a scam.
  • Many publications will reject your work along the way and it doesn’t mean it’s a scam.
  • In the “non-Medium” writing world, it…
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